Baby Cry

Baby Cry Baby Cry

Bringing your new baby home is a wonderful and exciting time. For first time moms, bringing home a new baby can also be a scary time. Many first time mothers worry when their babies cry. It is important to understand that all babies cry. You are not doing anything wrong. Babies cry because they have not other way to communicate. Babies cry when they are hungry, they cry when they are wet, they cry when they are tired, and they cry when they are sick. Many babies will cry differently depending on what they need. They may have a long, drawn out cry when they are wet, a crying whimpering cry when they are tired, and a loud, screeching cry when they are hungry. After you have been home with the baby for a few days and you have spent time with her, you will begin to understand what each cry means. Once you can do that, you will be able to give her what she wants quicker and she will stop crying.
You may go though times that the baby cries and you do not know why. You will feed her, change her, take her temperature, and know that she is well rested but she is still crying. This is nothing to worry about. Babies, just like adults can get in a bad mood. Because babies cannot yell and complain like we do when we are cranky, they cry because that it is all that they can do. If this happens, all you can do is try your best to soothe the baby and hope the mood passes soon.
Having a baby should be a beautiful time to begin building memories. It is not necessary to panic every time the baby cries. All you need to do is remember, babies cry.

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