Be Happy

Be Happy

Some people’s health largely depends on their mood. Your mood could be determined by mental stability, for example; depression makes you tired, sad, and frustrated to the point of not wanting to move. If you do not have the motivational mindset to get up and move around your health could do a downward spiral. Your mood is affected by depression, and depression affects your will to get up and do things, and when not moving and doing things (as simple as cleaning the house) no calories are burnt. When you do not burn enough calories you feel sluggish and cranky.

Anger is another mood that could effect your health. I know it sounds funny but true! When your angry what do you do? Do you pace, clean, or do you eat? Pacing and cleaning burns calories and deflates your anger a little bit, which increases your energy levels making you feel better. However if you eat when angry your just contributing to the tired and sluggish feeling as well as weight gain.

Happiness is as usual the best mood you can have to better your health. Happiness makes you want to jump around and move! When you are happy you want to stay happy and energized therefore you have a tendency to make healthier choices when eating. Having a happy mood, eating healthier, moving around, and feeling energized sets the tone for “wanting” to be healthy in the future.

Even though depression, anger, and happiness cover a wide range of moods that can affect your health, you still have other mood issues you might have to deal with that can either help or hurt your health. Remember moods come and go but staying healthy for your loved ones creates their “happy” mood and helps determine their present and future health.

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