Best Candy Friends

Best Candy Friends

The Importance of Friendship

As social creatures, humans have a need for interaction. It is very important as it builds both physical and mental support networks. Friendships can be highly rewarding, especially if they are healthy and mutually beneficial.

For example, having a close friendship with someone gives you an outlet for your stress and worries. Having each other as a sounding board for life decisions can highlight important details that one person may not have thought of without the other’s input. With a social network, you have a wholesome way of getting your social needs met and can be a well adjusted person.

Friendship is also the gateway to potential lifelong bonds, and possibly even relationships, which are important for battling loneliness and perpetuating your lineage.

With a physical network of friends, you’ll never have to worry about being all alone when you hit tough times. Some people aren’t fortunate enough to have a network of family close by, so their friends become their family. In hard times (such as divorce or bankruptcy), you are able to fall back on the support of your friends so you don’t have to end up depressed and/or homeless.

With the advent of the Internet, friendships are now formed across distances that weren’t possible before. With this global connection, many introverted or socially disabled people have made friends with similar minded people. This has been proven to be highly beneficial, as people tend to flock together to support one another in groups.

Although friendships can go sour and some people can get taken advantage of, in the end, they are something that is inherently necessary for mankind to thrive.