Best Universities

Best Universities Best Universities

Academically speaking there are some outstanding Universities in the United States. The ivy covered campus of Princeton University is one of the best universities in America. It stands out in its ability to accommodate the financially needy student. While other universities require students to go deep into debt before they even graduate this University has implemented a No Loan policy where they provide the needy with state grants instead of loans. The students who attend this university are capable of never being in debt before they graduate and therefore never have to deal with credit issues.
Harvard University which is also in the Ivy league has the largest endowment of any University in the United States. It is the oldest higher education institution in America. It compares to Yale University in that they both foster an environment socializing but above all else living and learning.
Columbia is one of the greatest universities in that it is in the middle of a booming culture. It fosters a learning environment that is nestled in a private institution.

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