Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Is your child into fashion? Then throw a runway party!

Dresses for a runway party can normally be found rather cheap at local thrift shops. If you get the sizes of the girls before the party, you can grab some dresses and other outfits for the girls to try on. This is a great way to use some of those old clothes that are in your closet. Makeup can also be done at the party.

After the girls have picked out their outfits and gotten their makeup applied, they can line up at the runway. A carpenter friend would be nice to have here. But a porch, sidewalk, driveway, or any other decently long platform will work quite nicely. Now just turn on some nice music and let the girls pose as they walk don the runway.

After they finish walking down the runway they can try on new dresses and get new makeup and do it again. There is no end to the kind of fun that a girl can have when she gets to act like a model.

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