Candy Rain 2

Candy Rain 2

Candy companies are now trying to enter the «healthy» food market. More and more companies are getting away from their bigger marketing advertisements of crunchy, sticky and gooey and going towards sugar-free and CocoaVia. CocoaVia is a cocoa formula for chocolate that is supposed to be heart healthy as it contains higher levels of antioxidant flavanol.

The Hershey Company is now selling sugar-free versions of some of their top selling favorites like Twizzlers and New York Peppermint Patties. Mars is promoting a whole new line of candy that will contain the CocoaVia as they try to reach heart healthy conscious customers. The Innovative Candy Concepts Company was ahead of these two when they introduced candies with all refined sugar removed in 2004. Armand Hammer, President of Innovative Candy Concepts states they replaced the sugar with fruit juice concentrates.

Candy companies are having to come up with more healthy versions of their products as parents try to replace the candy in their children’s diet with vegetables and fruits. There are candies now advertising to be fun and healthy to eat. Gummy Bears now bears the claim their candy can help you to keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant. There are tarts claiming to fight off tooth decay with their sugar-free version and then there is the chocolate claiming to be heart healthy.

The companies have also managed to regain the flavor with sugar-free candies. In the past having to eat a sugar-free piece of candy was not pleasant. Today candies like, Sparx are very sweet despite having no sugar and the new Mars line of chocolates is incredibly smooth and creamy. This is the downside of having healthier candies. They are tasting really good and people are eating more because they are healthier.

Experts worry when candy is marketed as «healthy» more people will consume them and in higher amounts. They are afraid consumers will forget that eating habits containing too much of these food types cause obesity and diabetes. These candies while not as harmful as the sugary ones still lack as a nutrient-dense food.