Costume party

Costume party

It will be just only few days until Halloween, which means costume parties will be everywhere. And for today, two most popular costumes have already been named: the cute little minions from the hit animated movie Despicable Me, and Miley Cyrus’ VMAs twerking teddy bear outfit.

Minion costume’ hit the number one spot in Google’s Halloween-related search this month, according to the New York Daily News, and then followed by ‘Miley Cyrus costume.’ Among those who were inspired by her teddy bear uniform are celebrities like Paris Hilton and Crystal Harris who opted for a beige bodysuit than a two-piece with his husband wearing black and white as tribute to Robin Thicke.

Other top Halloween costumes this year 2013 are the listed below:
• ‘Fox’ from the viral song “What does the fox say”
• Breaking Bad
• Duck Dynasty
• Minecraft
• Daenerys from Game of Thrones
• Batman
• Great Gatsby

It clearly shows that what’s popular in movies and other media influence our choice for Halloween costumes. People always follow the latest trends.

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