Dance with Barbie

Dance with Barbie

Dance is an art form that is performed for entertainment and for artistic expression. Dance is the term for movement of the body although most of the time dance is performed in rhythm sequences and to music although there are exceptions such as interpretative dance. Dance is considered a nonverbal form of communication and as such has been around since humans came into existence and can be traced back to prehistoric days.

While dance does not leave behind clear evidence of its creation for archeologists to find and date, it is evident that dance has been used as for entertainment, celebration, and communication as far back as 3300 BC. Archeologists have found paintings and tomb paintings depicting dance that suggest dance might have been used as a form of storytelling prior to the invention of language that could be transcribed.

Today dance is still an art form and is used for storytelling as many prominent ballets and musicals use movement to depict their stories. In addition, it is also a popular form of entertainment and even exercise. Of course, dance is also a sport and can be very competitive depending on the form that is practiced.

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