Don’t Stop the Sheep

Don’t Stop the Sheep Don’t Stop the Sheep

Sheep are some of the most common animals that you will find on any farm, due to the fact that they are fairly easy to take care of and provide a lot of wealth. They are used primarily for their wool, their meat and for their milk, all of which make various farms a great deal of money. They were actually one of the first animals to ever be domesticated, probably because they are easy to corral and to take control of. In reality, the majority of the world is involved in one way or another of raising domesticated sheep, as they are such a resourceful animal. One of the best things about raising sheep domestically is the fact that their diet pretty much just consists of grass, so you can merely let them graze on a field of grass and provide them with water. They are very easy to herd as well, which makes them very convenient, as some animals can be very difficult to move around in an orderly manner.
You have probably heard about how ordinary cows have a bunch of different stomachs, which are all used to break down food at different stages and this is the same scenario for sheep. Sheep have four separate stomachs which slowly break the food down, before they pass it on to the next stomach. The process is basically to allow the later stomachs to get broken down material, consisting of simple carbohydrates, rather than having them get all of the material in its raw state. Sheep tend to live between ten and twelve years, so you can generally expect to get about a decade’s worth of wool and milk out of them, and at that point most farmers prefer to kill the sheep and either sell the meat or eat it themselves.

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