Elsa Makeover

Elsa Makeover

Elsa From Frozen Was Originally Intended to be a Villain.

Frozen is the highest grossing animated film of all time, but would it have been as successful if Elsa was a villain? The songwriters behind the hit movie recently revealed that when they started the project, Elsa was intended to be a bad guy.

Elsa’s vulnerability resonated with most of us because we’ve all felt like outsiders at one time or another. We cheered for her because we can relate to the feelings of just wanting to be normal. When she made peace with her powers and built her own kingdom it sent a message of self acceptance.

If she had been portrayed as a villain, it would have cheapened the movie. If Elsa was forced into isolation because she was evil, it would have been just another movie that follows the Disney formula.

Because Elsa was written as a flawed and misunderstood sister instead of a villain, Frozen was able to give Anna a storyline that is unique to any of Disney’s other movies. Anna proving her loyalty and love to her sister instead of a prince is a huge deal for little girls. I believe that’s what has made this movie a hit.