English language

English language

English has grown to dominate much of modern commerce and communication technology. It has become the world’s most influential language as students and professionals from around the globe seek to develop functional English speaking skills.

England is the birthplace of English as it evolved over the last 2000 years. From Old English to Middle English to Modern English, linguists would agree that it remains a predominantly Germanic language. Additionally, with the onset of the Renaissance in Europe (c. 1300-1600 A.D.), English has also adopted Latin-based terminology for a significant portion of its vocabulary.

Heavily influenced at its early stages by a mixture of German and Dutch dialects, the language fused with indigenous dialects of the Angles and Saxons (or Anglo-Saxon) to produce “Old English” (c. 600 A.D.). The Angles’ dominance would form “Anglo-Norman” (or Middle English, c. 1400 A.D.), the main basis for its evolution into Modern English.

As Britain later became a global power, English became prevalent in international commerce and communications. English prevalence continues today through the influence of one of Britain’s former colonies, the United States.

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