Famous weddings

Famous weddings Famous weddings

Famous weddings are an iconic part of culture and often serve as inspiration of brides-to-be.
One of the most famous weddings of all times was when Princess Diana wed Charles, Prince of Wales. The luxurious event, which is often referred to as a fairytale wedding, was watched my millions around the world and included a horse-drawn glass carriage, a wedding dress train that was over 20 feet long, and 27 wedding cakes.
The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was an elegant affair that would go down in the history books as one of the most famous weddings. The event was televised to millions of viewers, had a royal guest list, and was celebrated as a national holiday. The dress worn by Kate Middleton was both traditional and modern and replicas were produced and sought-after of brides-to-be.
Elizabeth Taylor has become infamous when it comes to weddings, she had eight! Her ceremonies ranged from civil ceremonies to elegant affairs. Throughout all of her weddings she is known for her elegant style and fashion choices. Her style of dresses ranged from traditional bridal gowns, to tea length dresses, to a fur coat.

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