Fashion from the 50

Fashion from the 50

Fashion from 1950s era was one that encompassed a time where simplicity was key and style was revered. From the typical newsboy cap to the well known pedal pushers, 50s fashion is one that is still copied today.

In order to understand fashion from the 50s, it is best to become knowledgeable with the economy from that era. Dressing fashionably, for women, was crucial. During the 50s, women would dress “to the nines” even if they were just going to the grocery store. This is very different from current times, where many women will run to the store just wearing sweatpants. Fashion was very important to many women. Buying a new dress can be compared today, to people buying a new house. Clothes were made better and people appreciated the money they had to save to buy the well-made fashion.

There are many clothes made today that encompass what women wore in the 50s. Pedal pushers are now called capri pants. While poodle skirts will only be seen at events requiring costumes. The 1950s were an era not to be forgotten, and this can be seen in many of today’s fashions.

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