Hover Jump

Hover Jump

History of the Skyboard

While being smaller than surfboards, and as big as typical skateboards, the skyboard comes with several assets. It consists of a lightweight board with feet attachments that are usually removable from the board itself. Online retailer and aggregate stores, such as Amazon, currently own skyboards for sale. In the same token, classified marketplaces have many skyboards in stocks, although some might be sold in used conditions.


Skysurfing is the hybrid of skydiving and snowboarding. It’s defined as an activity where a person, in the air, plunges with a board and engages in several movements. The suspension takes place several thousand meters in the air, on an aircraft vehicle. Individuals can choose to engage in traditional skyfalling or free falling, both of which requires the use of skyboards.

The main goal of skysurfing is to maintain an upright position throughout the duration of the fall. This position allows the person to activate their parachutes without any difficulty. In order to move forward, the nose of the board must be gently tipped. Inventors Dominique Jacquet and Jean Pascal Oron envisioned a creative way for skydiving as they’ve developed the idea of skysurfing.

For those who have mastered the basics in skydiving and would like to engage in aerobatics, the sport of free-falling fits their interests. However, aerobatics poses many challenges and can be harmful. To appease those who are in danger of from dying, necessary precautions must be taken. Tightened bandages, for example, can be used to stop the flow of blood from rushing towards the end of limbs.

Further Notice

Skysurfing is losing it’s popularity, due to the danger of boards being released, during free falling, and the decline in the amount of skysurfing instructors. Despite this trend, skysurfing is still available worldwide.