Ice Cream Way

Ice Cream Way Ice Cream Way

With the United States having over 30 ice cream manufacturers, and countless others worldwide, someone is eating and loving the myriad of flavors and textures we are provided with and are able to choose from. Ice cream has been given a bad rap for years. This creamy, cooling, luscious confection has been around since 1660 and is not going to be going anywhere, anytime soon.
Ice Cream has been reported to be unhealthy due to:
• High fat calories
• High sugar
• Unnatural flavorings
• Unnatural preservatives
Depending on how it was made and the type of milk or cream that was used in the process this issue is non-existent. Huge strides have been made to lower the fat content in ice cream while allowing for excellent flavor. (There are even diet ice creams.)
High sugar is no longer necessary when making ice cream. Flavoring and or sweeteners can be substituted, which lowers sugar content. Once again, diet ice cream is available read the label.
With the health conscious society we inhabit, more and more companies that create our food use as many natural products as possible. This is also true of the preservatives being utilized. Read the label and see for yourself many of those long scientific hard to pronounce words are no longer on the package. Some brands are more progressive than others, but you can find an ice cream treat that is made with only natural ingredients if you look.
For many years diets allowing for ½ cup of ice cream daily have helped people lose weight. This well deserved treat at some time during the day while watching calories goes a long way at increasing personal motivation and will power.
The only people who really should have complaints about ice cream are those with medical issues such as, diabetes or lactose intolerance.
Ice Cream shores up the spirit, dances on the tongue and just makes your day a little brighter.

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