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Beavers are very interesting and helpful animals for many different reasons. Beavers create dams and they are able to create a very healthy habitat other animals such as ducks, frogs, birds, fish and turtles. Beavers like dam streams to build their homes because those areas become productive wetlands and places where they can get food. Apart from that they are able to create a freshwater wetland and a healthy habitat for the animals that are mentioned above. Freshwater wetlands are the most valuable land-based ecosystem.

Beavers are able to create a change in the landscape of an area. The only other animal that does something at such a grand scale to that degree are humans. That is one of the reasons why many people find beavers to be very interesting and fascinating animals. Beavers are actually animals that are very gentle, and they enjoy being playful. The beavers generally gets to be about 40 pounds when they are adults. They are some of the few animals that mate for life. Both the male and female beaver take care of their young. Beavers feed on things such as apples, leaves, bark and other peelings of wood.

Beavers generally only breed once per year. Because of that they are taking up only a small area at a time. The animals that may pray on their babies are predator birds such as hocks or owls. The biggest cause for death among beavers are traffic accidents.

Beavers are very interesting animals that learn not only by instinct, but also by imitation. They are animals that are intelligent and fun loving. And they are some of the only animals that create life and foster growth in other animals. Since that is the fact we do well to take care and protect the beavers. In the early 1900s they were almost extinct from North America because of trapping and and because of agriculture. Now much has been done to preserve the area where beavers live, and since they do so much for our ecosystem, they are a very important part of everyday life.

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