Kick ass Homer

Kick ass Homer

The Simpsons television show is one of the longest running animated shows in history. The satirical writing, creative characters, and the ability to keep the show fresh are what contribute to the show’s popularity. However, the family dynamics are what bring the viewers back week after week. The relationship between Bart and Homer is one of the most dynamic on the show, remaining constant yet always changing.

Homer Simpson is a typical father in many ways. While he works to support his family, enjoys a beer with his buddies, and watching the football game even though he also takes the family to wacky new heights. His devotion to his family shows in every episode, especially to his only son Bart. Plenty of episodes show Homer yelling “why you little…!” and throttling Bart but several also show his devotion and interest in his son by spending time and doing activities together, albeit not always legal activities.

Episodes such as “Days of Thunder”, “The Great Money Caper”, and “Grift of the Magi” show Homer and Bart working together for a goal. Even though Homer can often be lazy and stupid, he still tries to cultivate a hands-on relationship with his son.

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