Launch the squirrel

Launch the squirrel Launch the squirrel

Squirrels are the nemesis of many people who like to feed birds. It is not that the squirrel doesn’t want the bird to eat; it is that the squirrel likes to eat as well. Some people buy corn to put out. This corn will stop the squirrel from getting into the birdfeeders. That is of course until the corn is gone.
However there are several fans of the squirrel. Things that like squirrels consist of birds of prey such as the red tail hawk. The fox is also a big fan of squirrels. And as if dealing with a sly fox on the ground, and the sharp eye of a hawk from the sky wasn’t enough, they also have to deal with domestic animals and people that like to hunt them.
Knowing these few little things about the squirrel’s life it really isn’t surprising that they often look for a safe meal from a birdfeeder from time to time. What is surprising is that they haven’t tried to become a nocturnal animal like the opossum.

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