Little Elsa

Little Elsa Little Elsa

Baby Elsa and her sister Anna, royal family members, lived in the land of Arendelle. Born with super magical powers, Baby Elsa had the ability to create ice and snow whenever she wanted to. Anna awakened her sister, one night, asking her to build her a snowman. Elsa did. They went outside and slid down a snowy hill. Leaping from mound to mound, Anna was injured. Anna was unconscious and Elsa came to her aid. Their parents, the King and Queen, rushed to aid Anna. The King and Queen took their daughters to the troll King who healed Anna and put a spell on her so she’d forget Baby Elsa’s magic. He told Elsa that her power would grow, but she’d have to learn to control it. The troll King told her her powers had great beauty and great danger. The only real enemy she’ll have is fear.

Elsa was locked away in her room away from others until she learned to control her powers. Her father gave her a pair of gloves to help her control her powers. Elsa got upset because her powers were getting stronger despite the gloves. This isolation causes a riff between the two sisters.

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