Love Makeover

Love Makeover

Careful application of makeup can foster a worthwhile friendship that lasts for decades. There are also scenarios where a person can find themselves being betrayed by their makeup, reluctant to apply it again.

Eyeliner techniques are important, part of the foundation for building a well executed look on most skin types. Pay attention to what is best for the face shape and eye shape. Too much or too little eyeliner or choosing the wrong type can keep a person from getting their desired look. Basic application tips to always follow: start with thin soft lines and build up as needed, do not wear bottom liner during the day time, use soft colors for bigger lids, apply eyeshadow before liner.

Foundation application can be simple or complex, depending on the desired effect. Contouring is new trend involving the use of multiple shades of foundation blended together to create a different face shape appearance. With simple, or complication techniques, understanding the skin matching process is very important. Different environmental factors can effect different skin types, making the entire ordeal complicated and requiring a lot of attention to detail. Powder foundations with less man made ingredients seem best for sensitive skin and people who find that less is more.

Mascara can be a magical friend, one that stays up all night, but it can also be a quick flaky mess if attention is not paid. Selecting the right product is like any other piece of makeup. Chose what is needed for the job and skin at hand.

If makeup selection is taken seriously, it can help a person in so many ways they cannot be counted. If makeup is disrespected and misused, the user is prone to embarrassment and regret.