The truth is «The Mirror Sets The Mood». Why, nobody knows, it just does. Possibly women rely too much on how they perceive themselves and not enough on how others perceive them as a person.

Not sure if this can be changed, but maybe women need to look into the mirror and through the mirror. Examine not only their skin and color of eyes, and whether they’re having a good-hair-day or a bad-hair-day but how they appear as a person. Women should examine how comfortable others feel around them. A women’s beauty is really from within, not the coating of makeup covering the skin or blemish.

How women touch others is with emotions, not with false fingernails. How others react to women is within their hearts, not within the fragrance worn. Accepting themselves as beautiful comes from the inner person and it touches others.

Understand that it is normal to want to look your best, to be attractive and pleasant to look at, but the old saying, «Beauty is only skin deep», is truer than realized. To appeal to someone else for a lifetime is constantly working at first appealing to oneself, and when that has been accomplished, the appeal to others is a natural happening.

Other reasons women look into a mirror is to check their face for signs of sadness. Are they hiding the sorrow well, or is it too difficult to hide. Aging is the inevitable, but consistently looking into the mirror can depress and create additional aging in appearance. Accept the aging process as it will happen to everyone, without exception. Of course, there are steps one can take to improve their aging appearance, most are costly, noticeable, and unfortunately not always beneficial in solving the aging appearance.

Looking through the mirror and seeing the person inside creating a happy life is the first beneficial step to beauty.