Monster High Baby Birth

Monster High Baby Birth Monster High Baby Birth

When the parents show up at the hospital, they are going to be rushed into a unit that is made just for women in labor. The labor and delivery unit has several nurses on standby, and these nurses are prepared to spring into action at any moment. They will contact the doctor or midwife who is to deliver the baby, or that person may already be in the labor and delivery unit.
When the nurses take in the mother, they will begin a series of tests to see how far along the mother is. They want to make sure that this part of the labor is not a false alarm. In rare occasions, they send people home because the baby is not coming yet.
If the baby is coming, they get the mother into a room so that they can give her pain medication, set up a tub for a water birth and put on the monitoring equipment. When the midwife or doctor arrives, they will stay until the baby is born. The staff stays at the ready to care for the baby just after the birth, and the mother will be able to move to a fresh room immediately.

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