Most famous salons

Most famous salons

Beauty salons have a personality of their own, and that definitely holds true for the most famous ones in the United States. The decor, the appearance of the staff, the size of the place, and the clientele all help define the salon.

In Beverly Hills you will find Byron’s Beauty Room. The modern, white space is meant to give you a feeling of renewal, and new you shall feel when you walk out of here, completely rejuvenated by the talented team of experienced artists.

In Miami’s South Beach exists a salon like no other – the Oribe Salon. Originating from Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, the salon in South beach is an intimate place where countless famous names have had their locks altered.

And back to New York City and still on Fifth Avenue is the Marie Robinson Salon. A well-known name in the fashion industry, she and her artists are trend-setters of style. And even if you are not one of those fashion industry celebrities, you will still get the same royal treatment.

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