Pajama party

Pajama party Pajama party

I can remember nervously arriving at my first pajama party back in elementary school. It was my best friend’s birthday party. The room was full of girls I didn’t know, sitting on the couches in her living room, talking and laughing. There was the essential pajama party stock of candy and chips in the center of the floor, up for the taking. In spite of my apprehension, I quickly was enveloped by their excitement and was soon laughing with them. The magic of pajama parties is that the later it gets, the sillier everyone becomes. We started out with a movie, then did make-overs on each other–and then moved to attempting pranks on my friend’s older brother. There is something about everyone gathered together in their comfy pajamas, late at night when the lack of sleep starts to wear down the normal filters, that inevitably makes friends. Everyone crashes for a few hours–sprawled out on every surface of the room–and then you have the groggy breakfast recap, laughing over the antics of the night before.

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