Princess Weddings

Princess Weddings

In Europe there have been several Princess weddings in the last few years. While very few have hit the airwaves like that of Prince William and Kate Middleton, they all have some things in common.

A Princess wedding dress is a big deal. If Princess Catherine (Kate Middleton)from England, Princess Stephanie, from Luxebourg, and Princess Madeleine, from Sweden, are to be used as the trend setters. The dress should be white, or some variation thereof. It usually has a nipped waist to show the flattering figure of the bride.

However, it is the train that seems to get the most notice. A short train is not the fashion right now. If you are going to dress like a princess your train will need to be at least 2 meters long. Princess Stephanie and Princess Catherine wore trains that were just over 2 meters long. However, Princess Madeleine wore a train that was 6 meters long.

All of the Princess brides are stunning and there is a certain amount of “fairy tale” that surrounds their weddings no matter what they wear.

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