Ski holiday prep

Ski holiday prep Ski holiday prep

Snow skiing is a leisure activity as well as a competitive sport in which the individual attaches skis or “long runners” to boots or shoes and uses them to travel on the snow.
There are a couple different types of skiing including Apline and Nordic. Alpine, also known as downhill skiing is usually done at a ski resort or even a dry slope which started in the European Alps. Nordic skiing on the other hand is basically cross country or back country skiing which is the most basic and original form of skiing which was developed in Scandinavia. Different types of Nordic skiing include Telemark, Ski touring and Ski flying or jumping.

Today thousands of people enjoy skiing all across the world. There are classes to teach individuals who aren’t so confident in their abilities. It is just as popular if not more popular than rollerblading, skate boarding and bicycling and is just as fun. There are hundreds of resorts all across the United States alone that host events where friends and family members can go cross skiing.

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