Spring fashion

Spring fashion

Spring fashion in 2014 means getting rid of the tight, stuffy Easter-wear and branching away from the typical bright neons that accompany the spring season. Next year is all about trousers, flowing skirts, comfortable shirts, and knit sweaters.

Pastels are still making an entrance into spring but fashion is no longer limited to pastel or bright colors. Shades of grey, black, and even browns are sneaking their way into the fashion scene. Menswear-inspired shirts are found in almost every color, even going so far as the flannel look at the 2014 spring fashion show.

Since spring is still chilly in most regions, wide-leg trousers are back in style, making this an easy chic look that women of any height and size can pull off. Paired with a cropped, boxy jacket, jeans, tailored trousers, or fitted dress. Don’t care for the cropped jacket? Bomber jackets are back in a big way and come in a variety of textures, fabrics and colors–eliminating the 1980s leather bomber jacket look. Use a bomber jacket to tone down an ultra-feminine dress or to dress up a pair of classy shorts.

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