Summer fashion

Summer fashion Summer fashion

If you’re like I am, you’re not really ready to give up the summer fun, especially in fashion. The leaves have turned and there might be a chill in the air, but you also might notice that summer fashion has crept its way into the fall season, which is a perfect way to carry out that summer feeling.
Summer 2013 was full of trends returning from the 90’s, including everything from crop tops to overalls and Lecite heels. Other top trending items for Summer included leather, which isn’t usually a summer favorite but added a lot of depth to the season, mixing power patterns, holographic everything, bold stripes, pastels, sporty clothing, and midi skirts.
Fall promises to continue the decade’s trends with grunge making a huge comeback. That means it’s very easy to combine top looks from the summer with new fall trending items! Match that crop top with a pair of high waist pants or combined pastels with jewel tones. Since leather was already in style, add a leather jacket to just about anything. Summer fashion into fall fashion!

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