Take me out

Take me out

The popularization of online dating apps has completely rocked the landscape of the dating scene. Romance in lost in favor of saying the right thing over a digital message. The art of courtship was lost long ago, but now we’re burying without the intention of resurrection.

Each relationship is unique, more so now than ever. From meeting to break up, we follow a wild roller coaster that takes us from bliss back to neutral. Why put up with that exhilarating stress? That dizzying feeling of falling in love and the even dizzier feeling of falling out or being broken up with has been written, painted, and sung about as both torture and bliss.

The unfortunate thing is that as dating becomes more accessible the standards are higher while the quality is sinking lower. The shift has sucked all of the creative beautiful love stories. The real surprise is when a couple actually met in person.
Even in the mine field that is online dating, there is an excitement and a desire that will never die. The human instinct to want to fall in love, despite that there is no solid proof or explanation, is what keeps us going in the face of awful odds and ever changing environments.

Not every date you have from an app goes terribly wrong. Much in the same way that not every party you go to is a total bust. There are intimate relationships that can occur from the least intimate of communication. The medium by which we communicate affection has dramatically changed and evolved, but there is nothing different about what we want and how we feel.

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