Talking ginger

Talking ginger

Talking Ginger is the title of various mobile and online games geared toward children. Ginger, a tabby kitten, is the titular talking and interactive character. Currently, two mobile games are available for Android and iOS. A handful of online games are geared toward Ginger and his antics. He has a number of friends outside of the games, including Talking Tom and Talking Gina. Without a doubt, children and adults alike will find themselves enjoying these games.

In Talking Ginger, players interact with the kitten in various ways. A user can talk directly to him using their phone’s microphone. Ginger will repeat these words in his cute voice. Otherwise, different icons are available in-game that trigger scripted scenarios. Turning the shower on bathes him, and blow drying Ginger turns him into an adorable fluff ball. A player can simply poke Ginger to have him giggle and react accordingly. Fortunately, a number of other actions are possible, too.

These games are designed to be interactive and amusing for children. However, adults like playing Talking Ginger more often than not. The character is easy to relate to, and hours can be spent on this simple fun. Ginger has his own websites, and products related to the kitten are available online. In the end, the games are free for all to play and enjoy.

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