The dress of the bride

The dress of the bride The dress of the bride

We all know the popular superstition that “It’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding” Years ago when marriages were arranged, the groom often did not get to meet his bride until the ceremony. Since then tradition has kept the groom from seeing his bride’s dress as a custom to make the day more memorable and exciting for the couple. However, did you know that there is an assortment of long forgotten wedding day superstitions connected to the brides wedding gown that range from her head to her toes including the color of her dress.

A bride was discouraged from sewing her own wedding gown, except for several hairs into the hem to bring luck, because for every stitch she made she would cry a tear during her marriage. Even the material of a bridal gown carried superstitions; a velvet dress ensured a future of poverty while bad luck was sure to visit if a bride wore a satin gown. The best gowns were made of white silk purity and good luck. As an extra good luck measure, the last stitch for a completed wedding gown was not put in until bride puts the dress on right before the ceremony. Do not forget that finding a spider in your gown on your wedding day promises the best of luck according to English lore.

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