The myth of the sirens

The myth of the sirens

Sirens are mythological human-like creatures of ancient Greek origin. These beautiful and tempting females sit upon ocean rocks or steep cliffs, where they sing enchanting melodies in order to lure sailors or their vessels to their demise. Generally, they’re thought to reside in small groups of 2 to 5 individuals, and in most tales the Sirens do not wear any cloths or outer garments.

As Greek legend would have it, the Sirens are direct daughters of the feared Greek river god, Achelous. He is thought to have fathered the Sirens while out at sea. Upon their birth, Achelous left them unexpectedly, and thus they lament in anguish, taking out their fury on any unfortunate sailor that happens to cross their path.

Some scholars actually believe that the ancient mythological origin of the Sirens is rooted in real life events. Ancient sailors often hallucinated due to severe dehydration, sun exposure, and sea sickness, and it is speculated that many of them may of thought that they seen nude women on ocean rocks. The sailors that survived these hallucinations are thought to have passed on the tales as fact, and thus the story of the Sirens was born.

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