Veterinary Profession

Veterinary Profession Veterinary Profession

There are over 150 million small pets in the US alone. Considering the huge numbers of livestock and other farm animals in the country, veterinarians are in even more demand than ever. Veterinary medicine is one of the fastest expanding fields in the US. By 2020, it is expected to grow almost 40%, giving new vets boundless opportunities for employment. New vets make about $80,000 per year. However, experienced vets can make as much as $200,000 annually.

Veterinary medicine offers a unique opportunity for animal lovers to work with their favorite creatures. From small cats and dogs to large animals like horses and cattle, there are seemingly limitless options for prospective vets. It takes special qualities to be a vet. Unlike with human patients, animals can not describe their symptoms, so a vet must be vigilant and empathetic while diagnosing them. A good vet can mean the difference between a virulent outbreak of disease and a contained illness that affects only a few animals. Many vets work long hours, but the emotional and pragmatic benefits of the job outweigh the negatives for most vets.

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