Zombie invaders

Zombie invaders Zombie invaders

Zombie movies are and always be popular In fact, with the new TV series The Walking Dead, zombies are more popular than ever. There are several zombie movies out there with people of any taste. Shaun of the dead is a great movie for those who want a break from the serious movies and want a bit of zombie humor mixed in with a fun story line. For those who prefer a more serious and classic title, there is Night of the Living Dead. And finally for those who prefer a more modern view on zombies, there are plenty of new movies out such as 28 Days Later and its sequel 28 weeks later.
Zombies have been ingrained in our society for many years and many new and exciting zombie movies are right around the corner. The special effects used in zombie movies are somewhat of an art form in that there are different ways to take advantage of the many tools that FX artists have. Zombies are here and they are here to stay.

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